These are the top recurring questions/issues regarding our football games (all from actual emails!)


Q: Did you send out the invite for soccer because I didn't get the email.

A: Invites for Monday games are sent out on Wednesdays. Invites for Friday games get sent out on Monday. Also, you can always visit the website for the latest sign-up.

Invite dates:

Q: Dude I'm sorry I misread I thought this was for next Monday

A: Dude, read carefully! All invites have dates on them, use the reservation form with care!


Q: Not sure how I ended up at the bottom as I signed up within a min or two of you sending the email out. But I would like to play tonight if a spot opens.

A: With the move to a single sign-up/game day in the COVID era, I've switched to a randomized reservation system. All Reservations made up until the 'Reservations email' (e.g. the one that lists players on the morning of game day) are randomized. Randomizing the reservations gives everyone a chance to sign up regardless of access to the web.

Changing Reservations:

Q: I've replied "yes" a couple of times and then changed my reservation (with plenty of time before the day of). Is this acceptable or frowned upon?

A: It is usually best to drop off the list as soon as you know you aren't going to make it. Obviously sometimes things come up last minute but please do your best to make your change by 5pm of game day (which is when I send out teams). There are usually people on the Waitlist so let me know so I can go to the next player on the list.

Changing Reservations 2:

Q: I'm not sure what my reservation is for today's game but I will NOT be able to attend. I couldn't find the link to the reservation page, can you please change it?

A: Please keep the email invites so you can make changes. Also, you can always visit the website and update your reservation.


Q: Hey, I'm on the list for tonight but I can't make it, can I send my friend ****?

A: No, please don't send your friend. Nothing personal but preference always goes to people on the list. If you can't make it, send an email and that spot will go to the people on the waitlist.


Q: I know I asked to be waitlisted but I only saw this today...since I hadn't heard from you I didn't check my email last night. Sorry about that.

A: Remember, if you ask to get waitlisted, I will put you on if there's a spot. Because people drop all the time, chances are pretty good you will get on. If you receive the "Game ON!" email (goes out around 5pm on game day), its because you got on the list as only YESes receive those emails. If you no-show after being WLed, you will be shit-listed (see below).


Q: I saw that there are only 13 people signed up for a game today, do you care if I bring a friend of mine to play tonight?

A: You are welcome to bring a friend if there are still unfilled spots by 5pm of game day. Because people on the list have priority, guests can only be added after 5pm of game day.Of course it should be someone who would fit into the games (playing level, attitude, etc.). As long as you vouch for them, it's not a problem. Email me ahead of time and I'll get them on if there's a spot.


Q: Why am I no longer getting invites? Sorry if I screwed up.

A: If you stop receiving the emails it's probably because you've signed up (or were waitlisted on), didn't show, and were shit-listed. It's not personal but if you reserve a spot and don’t show up, you end up taking a spot away from someone else. You can get back on the list by sending an email

Adding people to the list:

Q: Can you add **** to the email list?

A: Yes if you can answer these three questions: 1) Do you vouch for this person? By recommending they be added you are taking responsibility for this player, please understand that means they need to be a good fit for our games and not just someone who knows how to kick a ball. In short, please don't recommend assholes (even if they happen to be talented with a soccer ball). 2) have you explained the format of the games and/or how WDR FC works? 3) can you give me an idea of what their playing level is like?

Taking people off the list:

Q: It's been great to play with the group but I'm moving to ****, can you please take me off the list?

A: Yes, anytime you want to be taken off the list please send an email with Unsubscribe in the subject line.


Q: What's your account name?

A; Payments can be sent via PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle to info@wdrfootball.club