White Dark Red Football Club is structured around a basic idea: organized competitive pickup football (soccer). Here's a basic primer on WDR FC:

· WDR FC organizes three weekly pickup games (Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, 8:30-10:30 pm). [Note: COVID related restrictions have reduced game play to one day per week, Wednesday, 9:15-11:15pm).

· Games are played in a rotating 5v5 format at an indoor facility on the South side of town (BUGS)*

· The playing surface is artificial grass and most of our players use cleats (though many others do well with indoor flats).

· Invitations are circulated via email in days preceding game days and players need to reserve a spot (or be placed on the wait-list) for each game.

· Games typically fill up fast as only a total of 15 players can RSVP for any given night. As people change their RSVPs, the folks on the wait-list are entered in to open slots.

· We typically have a total of 15 players per night and form three teams that rotate in and out of play. The cost for the two hours of play is divided by the number of players on a given night (usually $8-12).

· Why WDR? The name comes from the White Dark Red jersey colors we use to set our teams apart. On game day, you will receive an email letting you know who is playing on what team, and what your team color will be for that night. Teams are arranged to be balanced and are constantly changing. If you play regularly, you will have the chance to play alongside (and versus) everyone.

· The games are competitive but friendly. There are no referees and as a participant, you will be expected to be respectful of others and generally behave like a decent human being. Needless to say that if you do not act accordingly, you will not be invited back.

*For the record, we rent the facility but are not otherwise affiliated.